Heathrow expansion go-ahead is great news for this area

Sir Kevin Barron MP
Sir Kevin Barron MP

After decades of debate and delay, the House of Commons finally made a decision on the expansion of Heathrow Airport this week.

I voted in favour as I truly believe that expansion will benefit Rother Valley.

A third runway will create tens of thousands of new jobs across the country.

It will boost key industries, such as the UK’s construction and steel sectors.

Above all, it will be an enormous catalyst for economic growth across all regions and nations of the UK.

Both major parties, as well as a majority of MPs, have always been clear that expansion cannot come at the cost of the local community.

I will always be committed to making sure Heathrow delivers its pledges on the environment to local residents.

In 2009, Heathrow’s previous plans were rejected because BAA hadn’t thought about how it would use expansion to improve life for its communities.

After years of scrutiny, and through its consultations with local communities, Heathrow’s current plan puts the local community first with a determined focus on air quality, the mitigation of noise and easier surface access.

Heathrow will be held to account for the promises it has made.

I am confident that the proposed plan will help improve quality of life across Heathrow’s communities, while also creating new opportunities for local residents and businesses.

The proposed expansion is supported by businesses, unions, trade bodies, airlines and airports across the country, as well as many local communities whose economic livelihood depends on the airport’s continuing success.

I was delighted vote in favour of jobs, growth and a better future not only for our local communities, but for the entire UK.