Heartbroken pet owner’s warning to Worksop residents after cat killed in “dog attack”

Angel, pictured, was found dead off Thievesdale Lane after allegedly being attacked by a dog.
Angel, pictured, was found dead off Thievesdale Lane after allegedly being attacked by a dog.

A “devastated” Worksop pet owner whose cat was found dead and abandoned in the road after a suspected dog attack has urged residents to keep a close eye on their animals.

Susan Young, of Hereford Close, said the much-loved family cat, named “Angel”, was found dead by a neighbour off Thievesdale Lane on Monday morning at around 7am.

Susan initially thought Angel had been run over by a car, but an examination by a veterinary nurse revealed she had been attacked by a dog which had “grabbed her and shaken her”, causing “horrific” internal injuries.

Angel also had “teeth marks” in her side had “broken her back” in the alleged attack.

Susan is now urging anyone with information on what happened to come forward and has also urged residents in the area to “watch their cats carefully”.

She said: “Words fail me- there are some sick idiots about.

“Not only did someone allow their dog to attack my cat, they also just left her on the path where children would later be walking to school.

“Angel belonged to me and my two young children, both of whom have special needs.

“She was a much-loved family cat who had been with us for eight years- she was a rescue cat who came to us when she was six-weeks-old.

“Angel was a very timid cat, so I should have known she wouldn’t have just run out into the road.

“She was scared of her own shadow and must have been terrified.

“I recently adopted an 18-week-old kitten but I won’t be letting her out of the house now.

“I want to warn anyone in the area who owns a cat that someone is out there walking their dog during early hours and letting their dog do this.

“Please watch your cats carefully.”

A spokesman for the Nottinghamshire branch of the RSPCA said: “This sounds like a very upsetting incident which would have been distressing for anyone to witness.

“We advise anyone whose pet has been attacked by another animal to take their pet to the vet immediately.

“Legally, dog owners should have charge and control of their animals in a public place.

“We are asking dog owners to act responsibly to ensure sad incidents such as this are prevented.”