Worksop: Suspended doctor now works at Bassetlaw Hospital

Bassetlaw Hospital, Blyth Road.
Bassetlaw Hospital, Blyth Road.

A hospital doctor who was suspended for making inappropriate comments to a female patient has been allowed back to work unrestricted at Bassetlaw Hospital.

Dr Duleep Kokri was banned from working for six months in April last year after telling a tribunal a patient winked at him and it was ‘very seductive.’

During a consultation with the woman, known as ‘Patient A’, he repeatedly asked her to go for a drink, said he was a ‘westernised bachelor’ and told her she didn’t have to tell her husband.

The woman ‘stormed out’ of the cubicle, where her two teenage daughters were waiting, the hearing was told.

Kokri was cleared of sexually motivated conduct, but suspended for six months after he was found to have attempted to engage in an improper relationship.

The ban was due to be lifted in November last year, but a review panel found his fitness to practise was still impaired after he continued to claim that the woman had been ‘interested’ in him. The fitness to practise panel found he was clinically safe to practise and allowed him to return to work, but made him subject to a string of conditions on his registration for a year.

Kokri, now working at Bassetlaw Hospital, returned to face another review hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester this week where was cleared to return to unrestricted practice.

Giving evidence he described his behaviour as ‘shameful’ and ‘outrageous’ and asked forgiveness for his previous denials.

Panel chair Dr Linda Buchanan told Kokri: “The panel is of the view that you have changed your attitude as to the appropriate manner and behaviour to adopt with patients.”

“You now also appear to understand the vital importance of trust in the doctor/patient relationship and how your actions towards Patient A damaged that trust.”

“You have demonstrated insight at this hearing and the panel considered your regret and remorse for your actions to be genuine.”

“The panel is satisfied that it is highly unlikely that you will repeat your misconduct.”

Murad Salamani, Kokri’s boss at Bassetlaw Hospital, told the panel there had been no complaints about the doctor and that feedback from patients and colleaugues had been good.

Dr Buchanan added: “The panel notes that your case did not involve clinical concerns about your practice and it has received positive reports about your recent work as an SHO at Bassetlaw Hospital.”

“In all the circumstances, the panel determined that your fitness to practise is not impaired.”