Top consultant moves to reassure people about maternity services

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Regular readers of this paper will have seen many articles speculating about the recently-published review of maternity services for Bassetlaw and Doncaster.

I’m the consultant that heads up the team of doctors and midwives that is now studying that report and looking at what might work across our hospitals.

This means no decisions have been made. Decisions will not be made until hospital staff, the PCTs that buy our services, GPs, and patients and the public have all had their say.

So talk of a midwifery-led unit is only speculation at this stage. The team studying Mr De Bono’s report is looking at all the options he considered – and at least one other option, too. We welcome the views of others, but would emphasise that nothing will or can change without full public consultation, which is some months away at least and will be when we all know what the actual proposals are.

At both our hospitals, we have many highly-trained and experienced midwives. They are the main health professional with whom mums-to-be have most contact. So don’t downplay their role and assume that what midwives offer is second class. It’s not. It’s different from the part doctors play – complementary but not second class. We work as a team.

One of our newest developments for local women is the expanded and upgraded breastcare unit. This will be finished in September at a cost of £1.3m. Some of that funding has been given by local people. If ever people wanted proof of our commitment to Bassetlaw Hospital, developments like this show words being put into action.

The new unit will provide much better facilities for women coming for routine breast screening, separate from clinics for women with breast problems. Separate again will be the space for ladies with gynaecological problems.

This is another step towards bringing Bassetlaw Hospital up to 21st century standards and ensuring the hospital’s future.

Mr Mohamed Alloub

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Clinical Director – Women’s & Maternity Clinical Service Unit

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust