Notts: Stark statistic leaves NHS urging people to join Doner Register

Guardian News
Guardian News

Thirteen Notts residents have died due to the shortage of organs in the last year, whilst there are also currently 124 people in the county waiting for a transplant.

The stark statistic comes from NHS Blood and Transplant who are highlighting the figures to encourage people to spell out their decision to be an organ donor during National Transplant Week 2014, which has been taking place throughout this week.

On average, three people a day die in need of an organ transplant in the UK because there are not enough organs available. More lives would be saved if more families agree to donate their loved one’s organs after death.

There are currently 328,825 people registered on the Donor register list throughout Notts, but the report also highlighted that four out of ten families do not give permission to donate when approached.

Sally Johnson, Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Last year, 76 people living in Nottinghamshire benefited from a life-saving organ transplant thanks to families making the decision to donate when a loved one died, a decision that we know makes them incredibly proud.”

“We know that families are much less likely to allow organ donation to go ahead if they don’t know it’s what their loved one wanted.

“To help more people we need everyone, even if you’re one of the 328,825 people on the NHS Organ Donor Register in Nottinghamshire, to tell those closest to you that you want to donate your organs. Please have the conversation and spell it out.”