Have you been to this cafe before?

Having struggled through the morning after the office Christmas party, when the clock struck 12, it was definitely time to eat.

A colleague and I braved the bitterly cold weather to make the short journey to recently the opened Deja Vu Cafe.

The cafe on Bridge Place is clearly popular as at only just after 12 it was already very busy.

My work mate and I took one of the few free tables left and had a look at the illustrated menu.

I’m not normally a fan of places that have pictures on their menus as they rarely look appealing – and this was no exception.

Ignoring the pictures I ploughed on. The cafe has a big menu with plenty of choice including cooked breakfasts, breakfast rolls, jacket potatoes, burgers and sandwiches.

There was also a specials board boasting liver and onions served with mashed potato.

The waitress took our drinks order at the table. In need of a pick me up I went for coke, while my colleague opted for the hot chocolate, which she said was very good.

Despite the large choice of dishes on offer, we were both drawn to the breakfast sandwiches.

I went for a sausage, bacon and egg bap at £2.75 with a side order of hash browns for an extra £1. My work mate opted for a fried egg bap at £1.95.

The food did take a little while to arrive, but the cafe was clearly very busy and we weren’t in a rush, so that was fine with us.

The kitchen and rest of the cafe were only separated by a counter, so you could see your food being cooked, which was a nice touch.

When it arrived the food was good. The large bread rolls were very fresh and my colleague’s egg was cooked with a runny yolk, just how she likes it.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for mine. It was overdone with no runny yolk in sight.

Too hungry to care, I carried on eating. The bacon was tasty, as were the sausages, if a little on the greasy side.

The hash browns were generously sized and cooked well. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It was definitely the best part of the meal.

Too full to manage one of the desserts that were on offer, we paid our bill at the counter.

The cheerful waitress worked out our separate bills and asked if our food had been alright, chirping “have a nice day”, as we left.

If you are after a cheap and cheerful, quick meal, with friendly service, then give this place a try.

by Claire O’Neill

star rating HHH