Harworth: Thieves steal precious war medals from pensioner’s home

Thieves have stolen precious war medals from a home in Harworth.

Saturday, 23rd November 2013, 7:10 am
Guardian News

John Mann MP has called for the theives to do the honourable thing and return the medals belonging to a pensioner’s father.

Eunice and John Scott’s home in Harworth was broken into between 3pm and 4pm on Sunday 20th October.

During the break in, they took the war medals as well as other documents of sentimental value such as their military service records and marriage certificates.

Mrs Scott said: “Following the break-in I am so scared that I daren’t even leave my own home. It is so upsetting to think that people have been rummaging through my belongings.”

“It’s heartbreaking to think that these irreplaceable documents belonging to my father have probably ended up in a ditch somewhere, but I live in hope that they will be returned.”

Mr Mann said: “In monetary terms these items are worth very little but are at the same time irreplaceable, having a huge sentimental value to Mr and Mrs Scott.”

“I would urge those who have taken the medals and document to do the right thing and find it in their heart to return them, and can do so anonymously by posting them to or dropping them off at my office.”

Mr Mann has written to the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond MP, asking him to personally look into replacing the medals should the thieves not come forward.

He added: “We all want to see Mr and Mrs Scott reunited with their precious items, and whilst replacement medals are no real substitute I have asked the Minister to investigate whether this would be possible.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers anonymously by phoning 0800 555 111, and should anyone wish to return the medals or documents anonymously they can post them to John Mann’s office on Stanley Street, Worksop, S81 7HX.