Hammer burglar jailed for 10 years

Brendan Turley, 30, of Blenheim Caravan Park, Bulwell
Brendan Turley, 30, of Blenheim Caravan Park, Bulwell

A burglar has been jailed for ten years after breaking into a family home armed with a hammer.

Brendan Turley, 30, of Blenheim Caravan Park, Bulwell, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court today (11 July, 2016), for the beginning of a trial. However, on the first day of the trial he changed his plea to a charge of aggravated burglary to guilty.

The court heard how Turley, along with two other men, broke into a house in Bilborough on 30 October 2015.

The men were all wearing balaclavas and began threatening the family, shouting: “We want the money, where’s the money!”

The men were each armed with weapons including a hammer which one of the men threatened to use, shouting: “I will take your head off.”

However, the men then fled the house when one of the occupants grabbed a phone and began dialling the police.

The three men ran for a waiting car but ended up fleeing on foot. However, Turley then tripped, fell and was left behind by his accomplices. Lying on the pavement, Turley was bitten by the family’s dog and had his balaclava pulled off before he too fled the scene.

Officers investigating the burglary tracked down the registered keeper of the would-be getaway car which, in addition to forensic evidence, led them to Turley – who was found in a shower block at Blenheim Caravan Park in Bulwell.

Turley gave no comment in interview. He initially denied the charge of aggravated burglary but changed his plea in court today.

Det Con Steven Fenyn said: “This was obviously a terrifying ordeal for the family involved in this incident who had to endure masked men with weapons forcing their way into their home.

“However, a sentence of 10 years shows how seriously this type of incident is taken by the courts.”