Guest columnist: Tougher sentences are right for drivers who kill

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

In August 2012 father-to-be Luke Winter was killed by a dangerous driver, who went on to serve just over two years in prison.

Luke’s parents have been bravely campaigning to change the sentencing on dangerous driving.

They rightly feel that they have been handed a life sentence, whilst the man who caused the death of their son is now free.

The Government has paid attention and is now looking at bringing the sentence up to life in prison, which is up to 14 years.

I support the campaign and pay my absolute respects to Mr and Mrs Winter for their work to make the law fairer.

As the Italian government heads for the rocks, the puzzled Westminster club scratch their heads.

Let me spell it out rather simply for them.

People want fairness, a chance to get on with their lives, border controls and immigration controls, the big rich multi-nationals to pay their fair share of taxes and an NHS that is free and properly funded.

It is not difficult if they would only open up their ears.

Dame Louise Casey has upset the apple cart by calling for action on Sharia Law.

I fully back her in this.

If you live in this country, then we have a legal system.

I do not see why we are encouraging religious systems to undermine this.

In this country we have equal opportunities for girls and women and do not require women to cover their faces.

We insist that children get educated and do not accept violence against women or children.

It is time we told religious leaders that in this country there is just one rule of law.

ID cards were something I argued for and tried to get through Parliament before.

My proposal has always been that everyone over 16 must have an ID card and over-65s could use their last passport for the remainder of their life as identity.

I also think that we should insist that everyone is on the electoral role.

One benefit of this will be my campaign to claim back the £650 million that the NHS fails to claim for other country’s Governments every year.

Ireland, Spain, Italy and others all claim back from our Government the cost of every UK citizen treated there.

It is about time that we did so, getting rid of the hospital deficits at the same time.

Our hospital should lead the way on this.

This week in Parliament I spoke in a debate on the ivory trade.

I have been meeting with a number of wildlife charities to carry on my previous work which led to illegal trading becoming an imprisonable offence.

Around a third of Africa’s savanna elephants killed between 2007 and 2014.

We cannot leave a world to our children and grandchildren without tigers, lions and elephants and we should all be outraged at the continued crimes against them.