Guest Column: We are all suffering the effects of police cuts

When I recently raised the issue of police cuts at Prime Minster's Questions, I was told that there were to be no cuts to frontline policing.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th May 2018, 7:00 am
John Mann MP
John Mann MP

But we are now about to see the real picture, which is that Government cuts have led to the decision to shut Worksop Police Station.

I am pleased that we are at least seeing CID moving back to Worksop and that there will be a new town centre-based police officer, thanks to pressure from Bassetlaw Council, which I have reinforced with ministers and with Nottinghamshire’s Chief Constable.

However, when you close a police station, you close it for good.

And with no police cells, no court and fewer police than ten years ago, this area is experienc-ing the direct consequences of the Government’s austerity cuts.

There have been huge cuts for policing in Nottinghamshire.

Across the county, the force has had to make £56 million of cuts with a further £12 million of cuts required on top of that.

Police stations have already closed in Harworth and Retford and elsewhere in the county, including in Ashfield and Gedling.

I have had some very concerning reports from Bassetlaw residents, and have seen with my own eyes the felling of perfectly healthy trees in both Worksop and Retford.

I fear that the county council is going along the same path that Sheffield City Council has taken of felling healthy trees against the wishes of residents, which has caused so much controversy.

Our streets are richer for the trees and any plans to fell them for no reason has to be opposed.

I would urge residents with concerns about felling on their streets to get in contact with me at my office at 01909 506200.