Guest column: Stance must be strong in the wake of poison attack

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

The poison attack in Salisbury is as serious as any other potentially murderous attack on our country.

The use of a nerve agent could kill many people and of course we do not know how many might be affected in the future months from incident.

Two people lie critically ill and a police officer is recovering.

You cannot get hold of this stuff without access to the Russian military and we will need to be robust in our response.

I agree with the measures taken, indeed we might need to go further.

The language that the Russians understand is one whereby the lives of their elite are impacted.

If they cannot buy luxury goods in Moscow, or buy property in London. If they have their bank accounts frozen and visas refused, then they will learn the hard way that actions come with consequences.

Last week, I announced further details for a Bassetlaw event in the Houses of Parliament to celebrate 100 years since some women first got the vote.

The strides women have made over the years have been historic but the fight for women’s equality continues.

We’ve seen over the past year that sexual harassment, the gender pay gap and violence against women and girls are still prevalent in our society.

The event, on July 16, will include a tour, to view the Vote 100 exhibition and a reception in Speaker’s House.

I want women of all ages from across the area to take part. Please email me at for details.

The Bassetlaw Food Bank’s ‘Adlent’ campaign is still running and you can give one item per day for the 40 days of Lent.

Volunteers are also asking if you can donate Easter eggs for children.

There will be many young children in our area who will witness friends being overwhelmed with Easter gifts and they will have 

This week, the food bank needs tinned meat,tinned carrots, tinned custard, gravy granules, stuffing, dilute squash and 

You can donate at my office on Stanley Street in Worksop.