Guest column: Sky-high funeral costs are both extortionate and unfair

Last year, I wrote about a constituent who had contacted me regarding the unaffordable costs of paying for a close relative's funeral.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 5:30 am
John Mann MP

This highlighted for me the issue of funeral poverty, which is a growing problem in the UK.

The average funeral now costs more than £4,000 and this has risen by 112 per cent in the past 13 years.

There is also now the situation where costs of cremation can vary by about £400 and very much relates to who owns and runs the crematorium.

This is extortionate and I am looking for explanations for why there have been such a huge price hikes.

Sadly, people are getting into debt to pay for a loved one’s funeral.

We now have a situation where the most basic of funerals, known as public health funeral where all the costs are covered by the state, can provide a better quality and more dignified funeral than one on the cheapest rate at £3,000 with the majority of the payment being demanded up front in advance.

I fel this is all because the funeral industry is unregulated.

The funeral business is worth £2 billion, yet there are no checks or balances to make sure that the business is not exploiting people.

The Fair Funerals campaign highlights all of these problems and is calling for a Parliamentary review of funeral services, as well as proposing the establishing of a simple funeral service for those on low incomes.

I fully support this campaign and I am currently in the process of gathering experiences of those who feel they have had to pay far too much money for a funeral or have gone into debt in order to cover the charges.

If this applies to you, and in your view you have been overcharged, please email me at [email protected] or call my office on 01909 506200.

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