Guest column: Policing for Bassetlaw needs new thinking

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

I have a great amount of respect for our local police officers, both frontline staff and the managers in the district, who are doing a good job in extremely difficult circumstances.

However, it’s clear to me that Nottinghamshire Police’s force-wide operating model just isn’t working in the best interests of Bassetlaw and this needs to change.

There aren’t enough resources available and the officers we’ve got are being pulled from pillar to post.

It’s time for those at the top to have another look at the way Bassetlaw is policed.

I would also urge the public to always make sure that they report crime and anti-social behaviour.

If we don’t report crime, then the resources that are available will be allocated elsewhere.

We will all still know that there is problem, but the figures won’t show it.

Please always report crime to 101 or dial 999 in an emergency.

On a much more positive note the council has once again been awarded the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Sliver Award.

This award highlights Bassetlaw Council’s support for service personnel issues and recognises that we have an adopted Armed Forces Community Covenant in place.

I’d like to give a big shout out to the Worksop Business Forum for once again bringing the beach back to the town centre.

I’ve seen lots of people enjoying themselves at Worksop by the Sea.

Let’s hope that this becomes an annual event as it has certainly been a success.

Finally I’d like to finish by talking about littering.

In the last few weeks, we have successfully prosecuted three individuals who have failed to return their details after they have been seen littering.

Each of these individuals has been ordered to pay £693 by the courts.

I hope this gives a clear message that we won’t tolerate littering in our district.

As these cases show, it’s literally chucking money away.