Guest Column: Ofsted results are outstanding in every way

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Congratulations to Granby Nursery in Worksop and Blyth Pre-School Playgroup which both got “outstanding” overall ratings in each of their three most recent Ofsted inspections.

A tiny number of nurseries manage to attain that standard and it is a huge credit to all the staff involved.

A public consultation is now open on hospital treatment in our area looking at children’s surgery, specifically where children should go for treatment that requires general anaesthetic.

There are three options with each option proposing a reduction in the number of hospitals where such treatment is currently available.

It is vital Bassetlaw people have their say over where they think children should best go.

All the consultation information for both proposals is available at

This is where you can have your say via the online survey. I can also send you a copy if you do not have internet access.

Last week, press investigators published previously unseen documents which appeared to show that the Royal Bank of Scotland and its so-called “specialist business unit” targeted businesses in an attempt to push firms into bankruptcy.

RBS would then allegedly sell their assets to other sections of the bank.

Documents revealed by the investigation appear to show customers were not being helped at all by RBS and instead were misled.

This is being called the ‘dash for cash’ scandal.

Yet again, it seems we are seeing a bank exploiting the weaker companies in its customer base in order to extract profits for their own gain.

Last year, I demanded that the bank’s executives appear before the Treasury Committee to explain their actions.

It now appears the evidence we received wasn’t the full story and our committee will be hauling bank bosses before Parliament again to answer for their actions.

For too long, banks have acted against the best wishes of their own customers. Enough is enough.

As well as calling the executives back in to answer to Parliament, I have also been in contact with the Serious Fraud Office, and have asked them to urgently investigate.

This all could lead to a multi-billion-pound lawsuit as more cases emerge.

If you think you or your business have been affected, call me on 01909 506200 or email

The fiasco last week about Marmite was ridiculous.

Marmite is a classic British product and has therefore benefited from the fall in the value of the pound, unlike companies having to import raw materials.

We should not let huge corporations like Unilever get away with using Brexit to maximise their own profits and confuse the debate about what should happen next.

n RBS has said it had found no evidence it “targeted businesses to drive them to insolvency”.