Guest column: Lottery cash could be big boost for Worksop

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

The council recently gave a tour of upper Bridge Street to experts from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of our bid for funds to help restore some of the town’s historic buildings.

The Townscape Heritage Initiative could bring up to £2.2 million worth of funding that could be used to refurbish shop fronts, carry out structural repairs and preserve Worksop’s historic environment.

It would also help improve the appearance of the top of the town.

The visit by the Heritage Lottery Fund was the last part of the process and I think our conservation team have done everything possible to secure the grant.

Unfortunately, I often find that in this column I am referring to fly-tipping or littering and I am sure it winds up residents as much as me.

There is no excuse for littering and fly-tipping and it can be a costly process, not just for the council in terms of cleaning up, but for those involved.

This year we have taken legal or enforcement action against 35 people.

We have more enforcement and legal action pending and will use the powers we have available to clamp down on those disrespecting our local environment.

Last week saw the Sheffield City Region (SCR) meet to discuss the devolution deal arrangements.

But regrettably the leaders of the four South Yorkshire councils were unable to find a way forward.

But just because agreement couldn’t be reached doesn’t mean that our local economy is no longer linked to that of South Yorkshire.

The day-to-day economic work of the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the combined authority arrangements continue, as does the opportunity to bid for funds from the city region when they arise.

What we need now is some clarity on the way forward so that we can continue to work with the LEP and SCR on unlocking sites for development and creating job opportunities across our district.