Guest column: It feels like Argos has cut and run in Worksop

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

This week our town centre received a big setback after Argos announced it was going to relocate its store to the out-of-town Sainsbury’s supermarket.

This is extremely disappointing on a number of levels.

Firstly, for shoppers who use Argos and don’t have the means of transport to get out to Sainsbury’s.

Secondly, at a time when the council is investing a lot into the town centre, working closely with the Worksop Business Forum, in addition to the work the Priory Centre is doing to attract national retailers, it feels like Argos has done a cut and run.

The store has been there for as long as I can remember and appears to have a lot of footfall.

To me it just doesn’t make sense, especially with the recent openings of big businesses like Burger King, Select and the new Pandora store.

Relocating does not send out a positive message to customers and it appears that Argos only wants to cater for people with cars.

This departure will also leave another unsightly empty building at the entrance to the town centre and it is not good enough.

The Worksop Business Forum is a valuable asset to the town centre and I would like to personally thank its members for their support this week in the campaign to keep the children’s ward at Bassetlaw Hospital open to admissions overnight.

Many businesses have agreed to display posters in their windows and this support is greatly appreciated.

Finally, you can’t have missed the fire that happened this week in a building just off Ryton Street.

It now appears that the fire was started deliberately in an area that was particularly tricky for firefighters to tackle.

But thanks to their expertise and quick response the fire did not spread to other buildings in this built-up area of the town centre.

This incident highlights the essential need for the fire service to have a base and a presence in Worksop.