Guest column: Honoured to be elected again and I'm back to work straight away

John MannJohn Mann
John Mann
Thankyou to everyone who voted last week and to all those who campaigned, put up a poster or drove a neighbour to the polling station.

I am delighted and honoured that you have again given me the opportunity to represent you both locally and at a national level.

My work restarted within hours of the result being announced and there is much to be done.

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Of critical importance is the status of the children’s ward and Bassetlaw Hospital.

The vote was a clear message from local people: the children’s ward must be fully reopened overnight.

The future of Bassetlaw Hospital also remains my absolute priority.

I will also be pushing for an agreement to my campaign for a national memorial for British soldiers killed by the IRA in Northern Ireland.

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Local couple Mr and Mrs Dykes, whose son was killed by the IRA, have bravely called for the memorial and they are right to do so.

Answers from the Government on the matter so far have been weak – it is time they got it sorted.

Terrorism will also be a major issue for the new Parliament.

The police and intelligence services must have the powers alongside the finances and staff they need to monitor potential terrorists.

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I am not afraid to call out Islamist fascism for what it is and will work to isolate these extremists.

We need to put an end to the injustice faced by the ‘WASPI’ women.

Thousands of women have, I believe, been cheated out of their retirement plans by changes to the State pension age.

Last year I voted to support the WASPI campaign and introduce measures to slow the increase in the State pension age because it is clearly unfair.

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The election result has put Westminster into chaos, but that cannot be allowed to put a Brexit deal in jeopardy.

I put forward a motion to Parliament before the election and will push forward that agenda now.

The Government and future governments should give preference to British businesses when awarding contracts and use the opportunity to introduce a fair, points-based immigration system.

We can also give more power on planning and house-building to local communities and give British farmers the support they need.

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The NHS should be brought back under full public ownership whilst the energy market needs to start working for us again.

Some basic common sense needs to prevail.

I will work hard for you and deliver for the people of Bassetlaw. It will take a great deal of focus and commitment – thank you for putting your trust in me.

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