Greyhound Trust has helped rehome more than 1,500 retired Greyhounds since it formed 20 years ago

Since it formed 20 years ago a Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust has rehomed more than 1,500 retired Greyhounds.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 3:23 pm
Greyhound Rescue Centre at Blyton
Greyhound Rescue Centre at Blyton

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (LGT), which has a kennels in Blyton, was formed in December 1998 as the Lincoln branch of the national Retired Greyhound Trust, but became an independent charity in May 2004.

Kev Stow said: “To date we have rehomed 1,726 different greyhounds including more than 100 for each of the last 13 years including 2018 as we are on 113 for the year at the moment.

“The branch was set up in December 1998 after Mandy and I brought home our own racing greyhound, Lone Dynamite (Sky), in 1996 when she retired. We had owned her when she raced and we always said that we’d bring her home when she had to retire.

“We had some sleepless nights and we debated whether we should take her back, but things soon got better.

“We quickly found out what great pets greyhounds were and in September 1998 we were asked by a lady who knew us, if we could find her a greyhound. So we went to our trainer and found a suitable dog.

“We had various dealings with the national RGT, until in December 1998 they asked us if we could set up a branch in Lincoln as they had nothing in Lincolnshire.

“From humble beginnings rehoming just 27 in 1999, 18 in 2000 and 35 in 2001 we gradually took off and gaining independence in 2004 meant we were able to control our own destiny and use resources in the way we felt best to increase our homing figures.

“LGT are a responsible charity and always do home visits and provide back up to all our owners for the rest of their dogs life.

“All our greyhounds are spayed or castrated in advance, vaccinated, microchipped and we offer four weeks free insurance when we rehome.

“Although we receive no direct funding from the sports governing body the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) we do work closely with racing owners and trainers so nearly all our greyhounds have been well cared for, but we are trusted to find them a better home than their racing people can.

“We are a very active group and are out and about promoting greyhounds as pets most weekends and letting the public meet them so they can see just how soft, gentle and affectionate that they are.

“We are an entirely voluntary group with no paid employees, so are able to spend all our finances on helping greyhounds.

“Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust does not usually ‘rescue’ greyhounds as we deal with many of the very responsible racing owners and trainers who care for their dogs and trust us to find them a loving new pet home.

“We do however help various rescue organisations and provide backup for greyhounds they rehome as well as our own.”

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