Grayingham: Church will help boost the broadband signal for surrounding villages

The Church of St. Radegund in Grayingham is the latest community building to join Quickline and West Lindsey District Council’s ‘ConnectingCommunities’ campaign.

Thursday, 20th November 2014, 4:00 pm

A new wireless transmitter on top of the church, which is a grade II listed building, is now providing super fast internet to the surrounding district.

The church is among more than 30 village halls and other churches which are part of a project to give local residents and businesses access to the information superhighway.

West Lindsey District Council set out to achieve 100 per cent broadband coverage in the area by 2017 in order to benefit its local community, businesses, farms and homes.

As the project builds, local councillors are seeing lives literally transformed in this area.

Coun Alan Caine, from West Lindsey District Council, said: “Prior to the campaign, some of the more rural homes, farms and businesses were too far away from the street cabinets used by traditional telecoms companies.”

“Being out of reach of these cabinets meant that properties were subject to very poor internet connections and in some cases could receive no connection at all.”

“West Lindsey District Council has made a significant investment to ensure that no-one is discriminated against because of their location and I am delighted to say that the wireless internet service from Quickline is delivering WiFi with an average connection of 10Mbs, a massive jump from the previous ADSL 0.5Mbs.”

“This community project implemented by West Lindsey District Council and Quickline has equipped churches and village halls with super fast wireless broadband, feeding surrounding residents as well.”

“Having a decent connection is boosting the aspirations of our local people, who can now join the information superhighway.”

“The lives of people with rural businesses and those working from home are literally being transformed. “

“Plus, families are now able to access the internet using multiple devices, smart phones, PCs and games consoles, they would never have been able to do this with an ADSL connection.”

“We are determined to expand coverage to 100 per cent and serve our community.”

“West Lindsey is a great place to live and work and with broadband recently being declared a human right, we are looking to develop what we can offer further, with our next target being rural mobile phone access.”

For more information call Quickline on 01482 247365 to run a desk-top survey on the property address and once confirmed an engineer will attend the property and connect to a high-speed broadband connection.