Graveyard extention

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A NEW piece of land has been found to extend St John’s Church graveyard in Carlton.

Carlton Parish Council has agreed with St John’s to develop extra land adjacent to the church because the current graveyard is almost full to capacity.

The parish council will continue working to find a new site for the long term where people can be laid to rest.

Parish councillor Chris Smith said the current assessment was that the new land would last around four years.

“The land has always been there and we have been talking to the church about it for sometime. It’s a piece of land adjacent to the church yard and is part of it,” he said.

“When the procedures have all gone through it will be managed by the parish council.”

“It shouldn’t take too long (to be up and running) but with regards to the new graveyard, that is still some way off.”

“We haven’t yet managed to secure any land. We have been looking for years.”

He said the parish council was working with a land agent to help in the search.

“From the parish council’s point of view we had the big worry that we would run out of space and this extra piece of land is now available and has gained us a few years.”

“It gives us more time to secure a facility that will last way, way in the future. We’re looking for at least 50 years with any new piece of land that we get,” he added.