Good samaritan looks after vulnerable Woodhouse pensioner

A kind-hearted dad stopped to help a pensioner who was on the floor crying for help when no-one else did on a night out in Mansfield.

By Lucy Grosvenor
Monday, 14th December 2015, 2:03 pm
Steven Rowe, with Jason Tait who found John lying on the floor crying for help after a night out in Mansfield.
Steven Rowe, with Jason Tait who found John lying on the floor crying for help after a night out in Mansfield.

Jason Tait, 33, was out with work colleagues when he saw an old man leaning against a takeaway window saying ‘help me, help me’.

“He was shivering and had dried blood on his face so he may have had a fall but people were just stepping over him and ignoring his very real pleas for help,” said Jason.

After chatting with the chap, Jason found out his name was John, aged 74, and they both lived in Mansfield Woodhouse so he decided they should share a taxi.

“He was a bit drunk and very unsteady on his legs but we really struggled to get a taxi. One driver said he would take us back but wanted £25 up front which is an absolute joke for such a short journey.”

While waiting for the taxi the duo were joined by two other concerned revellers who were also heading back in the same direction and wanted to help.

Jason, who is a dad-of-two said: “I asked John why he had gone out and who he was with and he said he was lonely and wanted to get out of the house which is just heart-breaking.”

When the taxi arrived back at John’s house on Norwell Court, everyone got out to make sure he got in safely.

“His house was so cold and had no central heating so we made him a brew and stayed and had a chat with him.

“He told me he bought a TV but couldn’t get it to work so I fixed that for him and he was so grateful he kept telling me to take one of his ornaments as a thank you but we didn’t take them.”

After seeing he only had one set of towels which needed a wash the couple Jason shared a taxi with, Sofia and Steven, took them home so they could get them washed for him.

“We made sure he was safe and put him in bed before we left.

“I just can’t get over how many people were prepared to step over him and ignore a vulnerable man who clearly couldn’t fend for himself.

“It shouldn’t matter if he was old or young he was asking passers-by to help and that should have been taken seriously.”

He added: “John could have been anyone’s grandad or dad. I would hate to think of anyone in my family being that lonely but if they were and went out but then needed help I just hope more people would step up and do the right thing.”