Glen Kitchens’ death trial: Court shown CCTV timeline

Shot-by-shot footage of CCTV from Worksop town centre has been shown to the jury in the Glen Kitchens’ death trial.

By Hayley Gallimore
Tuesday, 29th October 2013, 1:17 pm
Glen Kitchens.
Glen Kitchens.

Expert CCTV investigator Pauline Jarvis gave evidence at Nottingham Crown Court this morning (Tuesday 29th October 2013).

She told the court she had scoured between 80 and 100 hours of video footage in preparation for the case.

The resulting camera sequence shows an accurate chronology of events on Saturday 6th April.

It shows Mr Kitchens arriving in Worksop and meeting friends with whom he spends the afternoon in various pubs.

Elsewhere that afternoon, a gang of teenagers - both boys and girls - are walking around the town centre.

Among them is the 16-year-old defendant, a Worksop boy charged with unlawfully killing Mr Kitchens with a single punch.

He can not be named for legal reasons.

The footage shows Mr Kitchens was involved in an altercation with members of the group, just moments before he died.

Last week the court heard evidence from his friends that he had left them, intending to go home and put the finishing touches to a computer he had been building.

A few minutes after he left them in the Liquorice Gardens pub on Newcastle Street, he made a phone call saying he was having ‘a bit of bother outside Burton’s’.

As his friends arrived in Bridge Street to investigate, they saw him surrounded by youths.

Then another youth ran towards the group and allegedly threw the punch that knocked Mr Kitchens unconscious and sent him crashing to the floor. He never recovered.

CCTV cameras capture some of the action, although some of the vital images are grainy and incomplete.

Material from some 36 cameras was used to piece the together evidence for the case.

New clips were shown in court today, which have been added into the mix as the investigation progresses.

Much of the footage is being used to track the movements of the teenagers who were nearby when the attack happened.

Some of them have attended court as witnesses, claiming it was indeed the defendant who threw the fatal blow.

But defence barrister Martin Hurst has accused several of them of lying.

“You and your crew got your heads together and implicated the defendant to get yourselves out of this,” he said to one witness last week.

In the latest footage, a 14-year-old girl who swore under oath that she did not speak to or see anyone later that night, can be seen talking on her mobile phone and meeting up with friends.

The prosecution is expected to complete its evidence today, with the 16-year-old defendant taking to the witness box tomorrow (Wednesday).

The trial continues.

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