Give respect to those who deserve it

John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3c)
John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3c)

I was back in Portland Outwood Academy School this week, looking at their horticultural plans for pupils.

Yet again the school is predicting a significant increase in results, especially in Maths, which proves what I have always said: no tolerance of bad behaviour and sloppy standards and good teachers will make this area boom. This is whats happening in our schools.

I will therefore continue to back the policy of strict school uniforms and no acceptance of bad behaviour.

In my view the new higher standards are already noticeable amongst a majority of our young people when I’m out and about in the town.

In recognition of these high standards, my Parliamentary Summer School this year will be the most ambitious ever.

I introduced the school to both to open doors for our young people and also to reward success.

I am sick to the teeth of seeing bad behaviour rewarded rather than giving respect to those who are a credit to themselves.

I will again be proposing in Parliament that there should be no entitlement to anything until you have paid National Insurance for two years.

I proposed it last year and nobody in Parliament listened, so I will do so again.

I am not holding my breath on the London elite listening, but let’s see.

We waste too much money on those who are bone idle, rather than spending it on assisting the disabled and supporting those wanting to return to work or wanting to get their first job.

I know our Council Leader, Simon Greaves agrees with this approach and he is bringing forward his own bold proposals to impact on this locally.

I look forward to seeing the detail in the very near future, but I can already guarantee that he will have my full backing, including at Westminster, in measures that support and reward local people who have worked and paid their taxes.

Simon Greaves has also given the go ahead to the Priory Church in their regeneration plans for the local community, and the Prince Charles Trust and Heritage Lottery have already responded with enthusiasm.

Bassetlaw Council is at last beginning now to raise eyebrows nationally for the right reasons.

I will also be proposing that there is a clamp down on employment agencies - they are the biggest scandal in the country, with the use of zero hours contracts and many employers happy to rely on agencies as cheap recruitment fodder.

In my view there should be a planning and tax priority given to those employers who employ people directly and pay a living wage.

I am seeking evidence of farmers who are refusing to advertise their jobs in the Jobs Centre and then bringing people into the country and putting them up in caravans to pick the crops.

I think there are plenty of local people who could do this work and should be doing it, rather than the cosy set up that some farmers now have.

Any information that you have on this would be very valuable.

I am involved for the first time in work with the Bishop of Southwell, who will probably join the House of Lords later this year. As our local Bishop, I find his enthusiasm refreshing.

He knows that I would abolish the House of Lords as soon as possible, but while it is still there, unelected and aloof, I am sure he can use his position to assist our area.

I am delighted to see just how much our local churches are engaging in our local communities and I am confident that this will continue to grow.