Getting on their bikes

AS the weather was so glorious at the weekend I decided to jump in the Bentley and go for a spin around the country lanes of North Notts.

What an absolute nightmare. I couldn’t move for cyclists. They were everywhere in their tight little shorts, their veiny legs pumping at the pedals.

They’re a road hazard. Why do they feel the need to cycle two abreast? It’s even worse if you get stuck behind a gaggle of these berks going up a hill.

What I also don’t understand is, why do they do it? It looks like absolute torture. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that?

You could maybe understand it if they were all young bucks, in the prime of their life.

But most of them have craggier faces than Keith Richards, surely they should know better at their age.

There is something just not right about seeing men of a certain age indulging in any sort of physical activity.

The only exercise I get is the walk from the Priory Centre car park to Greggs. That’s plenty for someone of my generation.