Gateford’s referendum

right I’m calling a referendum – to decide what we should do with Gateford.

On the one hand there are folks bleating about there being no amenities. Nothing to do for children, no community hub. Nothing, in fact.

And I for one think they have a point. There must be 2,000 houses up in that there LegoLand, and because they’re sprawling piles, they’ll be paying the best part of £2,000 a year each in Council Tax for the privilege.

By my reckoning then, Gateford folk are pumping £4m – yes, FOUR MILLION POUNDS – into the local economy, every year. So surely they should see some of that in the form of ‘stuff to do’.

On the other hand there are those pleading with the authorities to leave them well alone. They only moved there in the first place because it is quiet.

There are no off-licences selling cheap booze to teens, there are no village halls holding raves for reprobates – it’s a little slice of suburbia, and they like it just the way it is, thanks very much.

But who’s right on this one? Write to me under the heading ‘Grundi’s Gateford Referendum’ – TODAY!