Gainsborough’s disused water tower could be converted into new home

The water tower on Heapham Road, Gainsborough.The water tower on Heapham Road, Gainsborough.
The water tower on Heapham Road, Gainsborough.
A disused water tower in Gainsborough could be brought back into use and converted into new homes.

The planning application, submitted to West Lindsey District Council, is to build five bungalows, including the redevelopment of the Grade II listed Cox’s Water Tower into a two bedroom house.

Cox’s Water Tower is located at the top of Cox’s Hill, Gainsborough, on the south side of the junction of Heapham Road and Summer Hill.

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The Heritage Assessment states: “Cox’s Hill reservoir was built in two phases, the first in the 1860s and then in the 1890s when it was extended, and a water tower was added.

“The tower is a Grade II listed building with considerable architectural pretention.

“The owner seeks to create five bungalows within the site of the lost reservoir and restore the disused tower.

“The quality and careful design of the proposals will allow the tower to be experienced and appreciated as never before.”

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It is hoped that the development will restore the significance of the water tower and allow better appreciation of the listed building.

The assessment continues: “The proposed use of the tower offers a sustainable future for the structure in which the building’s heritage is central to the attractiveness of the offer and will therefore continue to be protected.

“The water tower will remain visible at the roadside as it has done since construction.”