Gainsborough: Work is now underway at the new £1m waste recycling centre

A new recycling centre is being built in Gainsborough
A new recycling centre is being built in Gainsborough

Crucial works to develop a £1m household waste recycling centre at Corringham Road Industrial Estate, Gainsborough, have been started by contractor G F Tomlinson.

The household waste recycling centre is being built by the firm, which has a new Lincoln office, for its client Lincolnshire County Council.

The scheme will provide the community with a replacement for the current Summergangs Lane site.

The 24 week project will see the completion of a large recycling centre, which will be able to serve the growing needs of residents.

The construction is currently on time and the anticipated start date will be the beginning of April 2015.

The new centre will be owned by the council, ensuring that it will be able to effectively serve the community. The current site is owned and managed by a private party and it will be staffed by five people at all times..

Mike Reed, projects development team leader at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “As we currently don’t own and operate the existing site at Summergangs Lane, it is important for us to be able to ensure we can provide stability to the community for the foreseeable future by guaranteeing this service.”

“The Gainsborough area keeps growing, meaning demand for recycling facilities are also rising in the town.”

“With this in mind, the new facility will help make the process of recycling easier for households in the area.”

“We are looking forward to the completion of the project, and are pleased that G F Tomlinson have started work and are on target for our predicted end date of March 2015.”

“Working with GFT gives us the confidence that the facility will be completed on time and to an excellent standard, as they have already constructed five waste facilities for us.”

Andy Sewards, director at G F Tomlinson, said: “We are pleased to be involved in this project, providing local members of the public with a new recycling centre.”

“We have a strong relationship with Lincolnshire County Council, and will be working closely with our client to ensure the new centre meets the ever growing needs of the local community.”

“Our work on site will be as efficient and sustainable as possible, making use of solar PV panels to generate electricity, which will be used to power the facility and also feedback excess power to the National Grid.”

G F Tomlinson will be creating an attenuation pond on site ensuring proper drainage measures are in place, preventing potential flooding in the future.