Gainsborough: Visitors to Gainsborough Old Hall this weekend will experience The War of the Roses in a re-enactment

The cannon in action
The cannon in action

Visitors to the Gainsborough Old Hall this Bank Holiday weekend will travel back in time to 1470 as a re-enactment from the Wars of The Roses takes place.

Lord Burgh’s Retinue and The Savilles Household will be recreating the attack on the manor house by Lord Welles from Alford.

The culmination of a private feud, the event is based around true historical events at the time of the ‘cousins war’ or Wars of the Roses in Lincolnshire that culminated in an attempt to overthrow the king himself.

Sir Thomas Burgh was a servant and confidant of the Yorkist king Edward IV and had almost supplanted the Lancastrian supporting John, Lord Welles in the County. Summoning his retainers, Welles, egged on by shady, senior figures, is set for a violent confrontation at Burgh’s home, The Old Hall.

The two re enactment groups are combining to present an accurate and exciting event that will not only feature life in the manor; from religion and music to cookery and table manners but also the arms, armour and tactics of the wars and featuring one of the newest weapons available to the armies including cannon and gunpowder.

The event takes place Sunday 4th and Monday 5th May.

The Old Hall opens at 10am each day and closes at 5pm.

A full timetable, each day, will lead the visitor from the 21st century, back to the 15th century and the stark realities and the beauty of life of the time, from the polite but dangerous etiquette of the gentry to the heroism of the close quarter fight there is something for everyone in 1470’s England.

Paul Mason, the Steward of Lord Burgh’s Retinue said: “Both groups are committed to a very high standard of Living History in portraying the Wars of the Roses period.”

“Based within the original manor house you will be able to tour the building and meet the household staff as they go about their daily lives, from the gentry to the henchmen in the working medieval kitchen, all have a job to do.”

“Visitors will be able to observe how religion influenced the daily life of everyone, see the kitchen working hard to produce the high standard of food expected for Sir Thomas Burgh’s table, learn about the medical services provided by the Barber Surgeon and Wisewoman, watch and enjoy the music of the period and follow the events leading up to Lord Welles attack on his neighbour and learn why it happened.”

“Historical events at The Old Hall rightly set a very high bench mark for authenticity, accuracy, learning and entertainment.”

Admission for adults is £6.50, concessions is £4.40, a family ticket is available for £17.50 and visitors with a Heritage and English Heritage passes are entitled to free entry. Under five’s are also free.