Gainsborough: There are still no plans in place to develop Elswitha Quarter

After years of uncertainty there are still no plans in place to develop Elswitha Quarter in Gainsborough.

Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 4:48 pm
These are the blueprint plans for the Elswitha Quarter development, showing the proposed site for a new cinema, restaurant, shops and Whitton's Gardens hotel.

Coun Trevor Young said: “The Elswitha Quarter is a good example where the council has failed to deliver any commercial development in terms of town centre development. The old Guildhall site is becoming an embarrassment to the council. West Lindsey District Council state they are an entrepreneurial council, not on the evidence they have delivered over the past five years.”

West Lindsey District Council said it remains committed to attracting investors with a particular focus on town centre growth.

Alan Robinson, strategic lead for democratic and business support, central services at the council, said: “The areas around the location of the former Guildhall are included in the greater Gainsborough housing zone, which will encourage developers and investors to make sure Gainsborough reaches its potential.” While it is not known what will be coming to Elswitha Quarter the council is hopeful it could still be a cinema and bowling alley and will be trying to attract these kind of proposals.

Mayor of Gainsborough, Coun Matthew Boles, said: “Although no actual development has taken place within the proposed development I think the area has been made to look significantly better since the demolition of the old Guildhall.

“When talking about these kind of developments and what the town needs, people instantly say a cinema or bowling alley, but my concern is that these ventures as individual projects may not prove successful. I believe we need to look at a whole package including leisure, entertainment and recreation facilities. If there is the offer of going to the pictures and a meal out for example I think this would be far more successful.

Chairman of Trinity FC, Richard Kane, said: “It would be nice to develop this area. Maybe something for our younger town people, bowling, cinema and, of course, a Nando’s.”