Gainsborough: The Torn singer, Damian, brother of actress Sheridan Smith, battled laryngitis to perform for The Voice judges

The lead singer of Gainsborough band The Torn battled laryngitis to perform a blind audition for BBC’s The Voice on Saturday.

Damian Dalton-Smith, 39, was struck down with the throat infection on the day he was scheduled to audition so was unable to perform to his full potential for the four judges.

Damian, the brother of actress Sheridan Smith, sang Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ but during his audition the viewers could see and the judges could hear he was clearly struggling with this throat.

Therefore sadly the judges did not turn their chairs round.

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The judges all commended Damian for going ahead with the audition despite his obvious discomfort and he got a hand shake from Ricky Wilson and a hug from Will.i.Am

Damian was actually contacted directly by The Voice and they invited him along to audition.

Damian said: “They contacted me out of the blue. We had done a gig in Lincoln and then I got a phone call last year.”

Damian is a member of The Torn but he said his band mates had been very supportive of his new venture.

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He said: “I talked it over with the rest of the band and they have been very supportive for me to go for it. I had to go back and forth from London and Manchester for auditions.”

“The band and my close family came with me.”

The Torn manager, Doug, said: “We all felt this was a chance for further exposure and supported Damian.”

“He has performed regularly, so it was a case of looking at what The Voice required. The general rule is to sing a cover track.”

“The outcome was a massive disappointment for Damian and everyone else.”

“But Damian may enter again in the future.”

Damian added: “Tens of thousands of people auditioned for it and I got down to the last 26 so I am very proud of myself.”

The Torn’s new single, Take It, is released on 9th March.