Gainsborough: Terminally ill man desperate for Thai wife to be granted visa to come and live with him

A terminally ill man is still fighting for his Thai wife to be allowed to come over to England and live together with him as man and wife.

Tuesday, 1st September 2015, 11:54 am
Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom

Norman Robbins, of Limber Close, Gainsborough, met Wilawan Rodpathom on an online dating website in 2011 before travelling to Bangkok to marry her in June 2012.

But changes to the Family Migration Immigration Rules, announced in 2012, mean that Wilawan has to wait five years before she can apply for a visa.

However Norman is living with an incurable bone cancer called Multiple Maloma and he wants to be able to live in the UK with his wife by his side.

Norman has not seen Wilawan since she flew back to Thailand in December last year and he is unable to fly over to see her due to his illness.

Norman said: “She isn’t able to come over here very often.

“There is no work for her in Thailand so she can’t afford to come back.

“I’m trying to save up so I can go over there but because of my medical situation the insurance is nearly £2,000.”

“We speak to each other every day on Skype.

“We’re man and wife, we just want to live together. We fell in love and we want to be together.

“My poor wife is trying to find work but there is no work in Thailand. She is trying to get money so she can come here.

“I can’t work and I have to have treatment every month.

“We still need to prove we have been together for five years. Nothing has progressed.

“I need to prove I can support my wife but I can’t work because of the cancer.”

“I’ve stopped writing to them as I get the same answer every time and I have been told by the doctors that I shouldn’t get stressed or worked up as it can make things worse.

“I have got to try and keep as calm as I can.

“I don’t want to upset the board as there’s nothing I can do.”

To help him save some money and offer him support Norman’s family have asked to move back home.

He said: My family have asked me to go back home to Red Car in North Yorkshire and I think I’m going to go.

“They want me home.

“And it will give me a better chance to save money and my family will be able to help so I can send money to my wife so she can come back.”

Norman is keeping himself busy and recently took part in the Brave the Shave event for Macmillan Cancer Support alongside Paul Morton. They helped to raise around £200 for the charity.

He said: “I did it for other cancer sufferers.”