Gainsborough: Suspended sentence for burglar who was caught in the act by police

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A burglar was caught in the act after police were called out to investigate reports of a smashed window, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Officers went to the property in Frampton Terrace, Gainsborough, and discovered that a ground floor window at the rear of the property had been broken.

Christopher Geeson, prosecuting, said that an officer went into the house and found James Mulholland inside.

Mr Geeson said “The defendant was known to him”

“He knew that Mulholland did not live at the address.

“Mulholland had an injury to his head.”

“The defendant said he had caused that injury by climbing through the broken window”

“He had two mobile phones in his pocket.”

“They were seized.”

Officers also discovered a cannabis growing operation inside the house but Mulholland said that although he saw the cannabis he did not know it was there before going inside.

Mulholland , 42, of Linden Terrace, Gainsborough, admitted burglary as a result of the incident on 24th May.

The court heard he had 27 previous convictions for 65 offences.

Sarah Munro, defending, said Mulholland was a heroin user but has been trying his best to rid himself of his habit.

She told the court “He has been clean from drugs for almost three months.”

“I have confirmation that he is now in work.”

Miss Munro said that Mulholland was later badly beaten up by five men and has also received threats since the burglary.

Mulholland was given a 10 month jail sentence suspended for two years with two years supervision.

He was also given a nine month drug rehabilitation order, 70 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay a £100 victim surcharge.