Gainsborough: Surprise party for Alice’s 102nd birthday

Alice Atkinson is celebrating her 102nd birthday holding her flowers from her grandson. Picture: Andrew Roe
Alice Atkinson is celebrating her 102nd birthday holding her flowers from her grandson. Picture: Andrew Roe

A resident of North Warren House was surprised with a party to celebrate her 102nd birthday.

Alice Atkinson, who moved into North Warren House in January, celebrated the milestone birthday on Thursday 3rd April and she was surprised to see that the staff had thrown a party for her to celebrate.

Alice said: “I had a lovely party. The people here put it on for me.”

“I can’t thank them enough.”

“It was a surprise for me, it’s normal for people to get a cake on their birthday.”

“It wasn’t until they started moving all the furniture that I began to work out what was happening.”

As well as a buffet and a cake, staff also arranged for a singer to come in and entertain Alice and the other residents.

Alice said: “They hired a professional singer from Nottingham and she was simply marvellous.”

“It was a 1940’s theme and all her songs were 1940’s and her hair and dress were the same.”

“Everyone enjoyed it and was singing along and tapping their feet.”

“It was the last thing I expected.”

“I had a really big cake with candles on, not 102 though, there were three and there was a marvellous buffet.”

“All the friends and family of people here came and all my family were here.”

“It was far more than I expected and I still can’t believe it.”

Alice was overwhelmed with the amount of cards and flowers she received.

She said: “I now have flowers galore and my bedroom is full of flowers.”

“I didn’t realise so many people would take the time.”

“I got quite a lot of cards which was very nice.”

Alice has a daughter, two grandsons and three great grandchildren and she said they are a very close family.

She said: “My daughter comes to see me every day and my grandson comes too.”

“My younger grandson lives in New Zealand but he phones me regularly. He phoned me on the day.”

Alice enjoys living at North Warren House and she is highly thought of my the staff.

Manager, Donna Atkinson, said: “She does fantastic for her age and from when she came in to now there is such a big difference.”

“She still has a social life even though she is living with us.”

“She really enjoyed the entertainment for her birthday.”

Noreen Brain, who owns North Warren House, along with her son Shane Smillie, said: “She’s a star. We love her. It was a great day on Thursday. All the residents were enjoying the singing.”

Alice’s secret to a long life is that she thinks she has been lucky with her genes.

She said: “I don’t think there is anything in particular. I have always been active, I have been very fortunate in that way.”

“I have never really thought about it. I am not age conscious, it just creeps up on you.”

“I am looked after well and I am happy. It is very nice that we are close.”

“There are always friends of people turning up.”

“We are like a big family which is very nice.”