Gainsborough’s MP has welcomed news of funding boost for Lincolnshire Police

Sir Edward Leigh
Sir Edward Leigh

Policing Minister Nick Hurd has confirmed to Sir Edward Leigh, the Conservative MP for Gainsborough, that the government will boost funding for Lincolnshire Police in response to pressure from local Conservative MPs.

The local police force will receive an additional £8.6 million for 2019/20 compared to the year before, bringing the direct funding to £122.4 million.

In a hand written note to Sir Edward Leigh, Nick Hurd said: “You have raised this issue with me personally on a number of occasions.

He also admitted that he does recognise the pressure that Lincolnshire Police is under.

Mr Hurd said: “There is more public money going into the force and later this year I believe that we will address the ‘fair funding’ issue through the Comprehensive Spending Review.”

Sir Edward said: “This is good news for Lincolnshire.

“Our police have done a noble job in keeping costs down but there has been a real need for them to be better resourced.

“I’m glad the minister has heard our protests and responded to them.”

This also comes after the Following the Government’s announcement in December of the funding settlement for the force and the final budget being approved.

Chief Constable Bill Skelly said the Force will begin implementing the savings needed to balance the budget.

Mr Skelly said: “We will need to make £3.2m of savings during the financial year to March 2020 and while this is not as bad as the £6.9m we had predicted, it will still mean reductions across the board.”