Gainsborough: Residents of Clayton House Care Home have been learning dancing skills in new fitness classes

Residents of Clayton House Care Home are putting on their dancing shoes and learning new dance moves and building their confidence.

Residents of Clayton House Care Home performing at the Christmas Party
Residents of Clayton House Care Home performing at the Christmas Party

A fitness instructor from West Lindsey Leisure Centre visits the care home in Lea Road once or twice a week delivering fitness sessions including dance, zumba and aerobics.

Group exercise manager, Tracey Warrener, said: “Some of the residents have been members at the leisure centre for some time and would attend to swim and play badminton and after discussions with the care worker, Amanda Shaw, we thought it would be good for Clayton House to develop their skills to deliver dance and fitness to them once or twice a week.”

“After looking at my instructor team I decided Becki Benstead would be the ideal instructor to work with the residents.”

“When the residents first started the sessions they were very quiet, low in mood, would not communicate, lethargic and didn’t want to be involved.”

But after several months, Becki found that the residents were enjoying the dancing sessions the most and she saw their confidence growing as they started to dance in pairs.

Tracey added: “In November last year Becki decided it would be a good idea to perform several dances at the Christmas party at the home in front of the other residents and staff so she started to put together various dances they would practise in each session ready for the party.”

“I was over come with emotion when I watched them dance as they were brilliant and you could see what an amazing job Becki had done.”

“These sessions have been a great success for the residents.”

“When they attend the centre now they are chatty, excited, happy and socialise with each other which has been amazing to see.”

“Their general wellbeing has been fantastic.”

“They always leave feeling happy with big hugs of appreciation for Becki who they have grown very fond off.”

“I am very proud as the Group Exercise Manager that we have been able to offer these sessions to the community.”