Gainsborough: Primary school celebrate a ‘good’ Ofsted report

Children at Marton Primary School celebrate a good Ofsted report with head teacher Ben Stephenson
Children at Marton Primary School celebrate a good Ofsted report with head teacher Ben Stephenson

A Gainsborough school are celebrating after another ‘good’ Ofsted report.

Following its most recent Ofsted inspection, Marton Primary School in Stow Park Road, Marton, Gainsborough were given an overall rating of good and the school are delighted with this recognition.

Headteacher, Ben Stephenson, said: “We are delighted with the report.”

“We are delighted that the school has got the credit it deserves.”

“I think that while the overall outcome was good it is clear throughout the report we are verging on outstanding.”

The school achieved a rating of good in every category apart from behaviour and safety of pupils where it was awarded outstanding.

Mr Stephenson added: “It’s really about managing the high standards we set for ourselves and the pupils are buying into that as well as the staff.”

“It is really good that Ofsted, as a regulatory body, have recognised that we’re getting the balance right.”

“We’re pushing for really high standards but not to the detriment of the school .”

“There are schools where they drive so much to achieve the standards set that the enjoyment of school is lost for staff and pupils.”

“It is good to have that recognition and we can now up the standards and make everyone feel like they can achieve anything.”

“It’s great that we have been recognised for getting the balance right.”

The report said the school is not outstanding because some pupils’ progress in mathematics lags behind that made in English, initiatives to improve the quality of writing have yet to have a full impact on the spelling and presentation skills of older pupils, there are not always enough opportunities for pupils to apply their writing skills across the full range of subjects.

Mr Stephenson said: “We have a mantra which the pupils say in assembly.”

“The mantra is ‘Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. Dream and you can make it so.”

“They believe it. Everybody does believe it.”

“We’re definitely on the journey to outstanding.”

The report stated: “Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. They are passionate learners, with even the very youngest ever willing to contribute during lessons. They subscribe wholeheartedly to the school’s values.”