Gainsborough: Planning application submitted for 100 more homes

A planning application for 100 new homes off The Belt Road in Gainsborough has been submitted to West Lindsey District Council.

Tuesday, 18th August 2015, 2:56 pm
Pictures & signs at each end of The Belt Road at Gainsborough, to go with 'Rat run' story

These plans could be met with some controversry from residents as concerns have already been raised about the volume of traffic along The Belt Road.

The planning application is to build 100 new homes on land south of The Belt Road.

The site will deliver a mix of housing types and sizes including two, three and four bedrooms.

The illustrative masterplan shows a mix of unit types of detached, semidetached and terrace housing.

Concerns have been raised in the past about the volume of traffic on this road and a call for the speed limit to be reduced has been made.

Steve Wiles, area highways manager at Lincs County Council, said: “We haven’t seen any details of a proposed development off The Belt Road, but we would consider the implications of any such application on the existing highways network.

“We would provide highways recommendations to West Lindsey District Council as the local Planning Authority.

“At this stage the planning process cannot be prejudged.

“Highways have maintained the position that any new residential access for development needs to be off The Avenue, where the developer has provided a right turn junction which has been designed and constructed to high standards.”

A concerned resident wrote a letter to the Standard last month which said: “It’s about time that something is done with regards to The Belt Road speed limit now that the surface has just been relaid.”

“It’s more like a speed freaks’ racetrack than a countryside B road.”

“Walkers, dog walkers and cyclists have always used this road but it’s getting too dangerous to use.”

“With the building of a new school on The Avenue, this will add traffic to the Belt Road.

“Anyone who uses Lindrick Drive or the golf club/avenue junction will know that it’s very dangerous when turning or exiting these junctions.”

“We all hope that something is done about the speed limit before another accident happens.”