Gainsborough: Hopes are high that the Riverside Festival will be returning to the town in the future

It had hoped to make a return this year but Gainsborough’s Riverside Festival is still in desperate need of funding.

Tuesday, 16th June 2015, 3:41 pm
Gainsborough Riverside Festival 2013. The parade passes the Old Hall G130608-1k

Last year the Riverside Festival was cancelled after the committee failed to raise the required amount needed to put on the event.

The committee had hoped that they would be able to relaunch the festival this year but this has not been possible.

One of the organisers of the event Caz Davies, said: “We are going to have a recruitment drive for more volunteers.”

“We really need funding applications.”

“If we can’t get more funds and volunteers we’re not going to be able to put on a festival.”

“We are still trying to get volunteers and we are still trying to recruit.”

“We are going to try and spend a couple of years recruiting and fundraising and then possibly bring the festival back every five years or so.”

“It has been going for 13 years so it is hard to see it failing.”

“We are trying to keep it going and not just give up.”

“But we don’t want to do something with the little bit of money we’ve got and it be rubbish.”

“If we’re bringing it back we want to do it properly.”

“The festival was popular and good for 12 years.”

“We pondered over doing a smaller festival in a smaller area but people have got expectations.”

Member of the Riverside Festival committee, Trevor Halstead, said: “I am looking postively towards the future and I hope that we could have another Riverside Festival in some shape or form in the next few years if the cash can be brought forward.”

“It doesn’t have to be as big. Even if we had a smaller festival, I would like to see something happen.”

“We could have a smaller event involving the riverside, around the old hall and the church.”

“I don’t think it has to be all the way up to the Trent Bridge like was used to be.”

“We could just keep it in the centre of the town.”

“I am full of positivity and I hope we can bring it back.”

“It is no good being negative. I believe in optimism.”

“People have missed it.”

“People would like to see it but no one thinks where the money comes from to run it.”

“That is the problem.”

“I’m nearer the Riverside Festival than I ever was so I have more interest in it now as a businessman as well as a committee member.”

If you would like to make a donation towards the future of the Riverside Festival you can speak to the treasurer at Gainsborough Old Hall or Trevor has a collection box at Gainsborough Cycles in Ropery Road.