Gainsborough: Edward Leigh MP speaks about Syria in Parliament

Edward Leigh MPEdward Leigh MP
Edward Leigh MP
Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh has been speaking in the House of Commons about the trouble in Syria.

He was responding to a speech by Prime Minister David Cameron about how best to deal with extremists.

“What will be the effect of this threat on the safety of the minority Christian population in Syria?” he asked.

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“They have already fled Iraq because of our misjudged intervention there, which made them the target of extremists. They are seen to be a supporter of Assad because he protects them and they only want a quiet life.”

“They could now be a target for Hezbollah because we would be arming its opponents, and paradoxically, they could be a target for Sunni extremists because we have no control over where the weapons will end up.”

The Prime Minister David Cameron told Mr Leigh that how best to ensure a Syria that can protect minorities was an ‘important issue’.

He continued: “I would challenge the idea that Assad, in taking on those in the opposition, has shown any respect for people’s religion or ethnicity.”

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“His bombs, planes and apparent use of chemical weapons have been quite indiscriminate, so I do not accept the idea that somehow minorities will be better off in Syria under an Assad regime.”

“I do not believe they will be. What we should be doing is supporting a Syria that will look after minorities, and that is what the official Syrian opposition is committed to doing.”