Gainsborough: Dad’s relief after text from son on Mount Everest following Nepal earthquake

Jack Young
Jack Young

A dad has spoken about his relief after his son who is currenly trekking in Nepal managed to send him a text message letting him know he was safe.

Coun Trevor Young’s son, Jack Young, 21, left for a once in a lifetime trip back in February and reached the Everest Base Camp just days before the 7.8 earthquake caused severe avalanches on Mount Everest on Saturday 25th April.

Luckily Jack has been one of the few who has managed to contact home to let his parents know he is okay and safe.

Trevor said: “He has managed to contact us.”

“We were very worried and he has let us know he is alive and safe.”

“Apparently he is one of the a very few who have managed to make contact.”

Jack’s parents had an agonising wait from Saturday to Tuesday (28th April) without hearing from Jack.

Trevor added: “We are still very worried and concerned as there had been an aftershock since we first heard from Jack.”

“We heard on Saturday morning there had been an avalanche in the base camp and we knew he was in that area.”

“We have now heard from Jack again and he is still on top of the mountain with a group of other trekkers staying in a tent as it is the safest place to be at the moment.”

“It sounds like he will be there some time as trekking paths are blocked.”

“He appears to be remaining positive and he stated there is plenty of access to water and food.”

“I never realised how remote it was there. It took him six days to the start of the Everest trek. Then from there it took him five to six days to get to the base camp area.”

Trevor said he has been humbled by all the people getting in touch to ask about Jack.

He said: “He is a popular lad and we have had emails and texts from his friends as they are really concerned about him and asking us if he is okay.”

“It is nice that people are thinking about him.”

Jack annunced out of the blue that he was heading off on an adventure and has been gone since February and he planned to travel through India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Trevor said: “After he had finished his A Levels he decided he didn’t want to go on to university.”

“He took a local job at Aldi and he has worked really hard over the past year and saving up his money.”

“He has gone on his own. He wanted to set out on an adventure.”

“We knew it would be an adventure for him but we didn’t think it would be to this extent.”

More than 3,600 people are now known to have died and more than 6,500 injured.