Gainsborough: Cocaine dealer was caught out by CCTV

Eoin Mulcaire
Eoin Mulcaire

A drug dealer was caught by CCTV as he sold crack cocaine in the centre of Gainsborough, a court was told.

Eoin Mulcaire attracted the attention of a CCTV operator after he was seen acting suspiciously in a public car park in the town.

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that Mulcaire was seen to pass an item to another man and receive something back in exchange before cycling away.

Police were alerted and Mulcaire was followed. When he was stopped and searched he had two wraps of crack cocaine on him.

Mr Knowles said that when Mulcaire’s mobile phone was checked it revealed numerous text messages concerning the supply of drugs.

Mulcaire claimed that £160 that was found in his possession was his benefit money he had just withdrawn from the post office but checks showed he had not withdrawn any money from his account.

Mulcaire ,25, formerly of Gainsborough, but now living in Coronation Street, Retford, admitted supplying drugs and possession with intent to supply following his arrest on 24th September 2013.

He was jailed for three years and the £160 found on him was confiscated after being ruled to be the proceeds of drug dealing.

Judge Stuart Rafferty QC told him: “Anybody who trafficks in class A drugs has to lose his liberty unless there are exceptional circumstances.”

Kevin Waddingham, defending, said Mulcaire was a drug user who had been put under pressure to start dealing after falling into debt.

He said: “He moved here from Ireland five or six years ago and he was already at that time a casual user of cannabis.”

“From there it is a familiar story.”

“He was introduced to other cannabis user and then introduced to cocaine.”

He said that since his arrest Mulcaire has moved address and stopped using class A drugs.

Insp Simon Outen from Lincs Police said: “This arrest stemmed from proactive work by officers stationed at Gainsborough Police Station, and challenging suspicious behaviour observed in a public place. Consequently follow up enquiries were undertaken which has led to the charges for which Eoin Mulcaire has been found guilty.”

“Individuals should be under no illusion that the police will seek to prosecute offenders found in possession of illegal substances, and that officers do carry out stop searches on individuals when the grounds exist. Equally where available information comes to light regarding possession of drugs within premises, then warrants are executed, drugs recovered and prosecutions instigated.”