Gainsborough: As a ban on taking legal highs in public comes into effect in Lincoln could the issue be moving to Gainsborough?

A ban on people taking legal highs in Lincoln city centre came into effect on Wednesday 1st April to help tackle anti-social behaviour but could this mean the problems will move into the nearby towns.
Bells Newsagents, Church Street, Gainsborough.Bells Newsagents, Church Street, Gainsborough.
Bells Newsagents, Church Street, Gainsborough.

Bells Newsagents in Church Street, Gainsborough, is a stockist of legal highs and the owner, Ashok Mistry, is worried that the ban could bring more people from the city to the town trying to buy them.

Ashok said: “I sell them but I don’t want to encourage more people into the town from Lincoln.”

“It is not really an issue at the minute but I have already received a call from someone asking if they could bring enough money for 10 people and buy them in bulk.”

“I don’t sell it cheaply and I think the problem in Lincoln was it was so cheap even teenagers could afford it.”

“My customers are more mature, aged on average between 25 and 35-years-old.”

People do not have an addiction here but in Lincoln people were causing Anti Social Behaviour.”

“I do not have a wide range, I only sell 10 flavours.”

“People can buy them from the internet so if they bring a ban on shops selling them it will not stop people from taking them.”

“If people can’t get hold of a legal high it could lead them to try other illegal drugs.”

Alan Robinson, strategic lead for business support and democratic services at West Lindsey District Council, said: “At present, Gainsborough does not have a major issue with legal highs.”

“However we are monitoring the situation closely.”

“We would like to reassure residents that in terms of ant-social behaviour, we have powers to act quickly to tackle problems effectively.”

“We would urge anyone who has concerns to report them immediately by calling 01427 676676 or by using our website.”

Insp Simon Outen from Lincs Police said: “Officers in West Lindsey are fully aware of new psychoactive substance issues.”

“We are carefully monitoring developments taking place in Lincoln for any impact that may occur in the local area.”

“Supply of such substances via retail outlets is extremely limited in West Lindsey and local proprietors have already been spoken with.”

“Following on from the actions in Lincoln, we will be looking as to what options we can take locally with our partners to address any issues that may arise.”

“We would take this opportunity to remind users that these substances contain all manner of chemicals and they should be aware of the potential damage to their long term health.”