Gainsborough Academy is looking for a new sponsor as current team are disappointed with exam results progress

Gainsborough Academy
Gainsborough Academy

A Gainsborough school is looking for a new sponsor as the current trust is ‘disappointed that exam results are not improving quickly enough’.

Lincoln College Academy Trust (LCAT) has made a proposal to the Regional Schools’ Commissioner to transfer The Gainsborough Academy to a schools-based sponsor.

LCAT has been the sponsor of The Gainsborough Academy since June 2014, taking over at very short notice from E-ACT. At that time, the Academy was assessed by Ofsted as Grade 4.

Over the last two academic years, the Academy under LCAT sponsorship has focused on improving the pace of academic progress as well as enhancing student behaviour.

These improvements are receiving strong local community support, with the Academy currently assessed by Ofsted as Grade 3 (Requires Improvement).

There is also a strong relationship between the Academy and Gainsborough College, which is part of the Lincoln College Group.

This link enables pupils to access secure career paths through a wide range of courses once they complete Year 11 at the Academy.

LCAT and The Academy’s leadership team are disappointed that examination results are not improving quickly enough.

Furthermore, changes to government policy are limiting LCAT’s ability to develop a vocationally-focused curriculum at the Academy, which was one of the main drivers for bringing the school into the Academy Trust.

Applying ‘the needs of children’ as the litmus test, the LCAT Board reached the conclusion that the Academy would be better placed with a schools-based sponsor with immediate access to the resources and capabilities it needs to transform outcomes for learners.

The LCAT Board made a recommendation in June 2016 to the Department for Education (DfE) that a new sponsor should be sought.

This proposal has been accepted, but at present, no suitable sponsors have been identified.

Chair of LCAT, Keith Batty, said: “The key message that the LCAT has stressed to the Regional Schools Commissioner consistently during the past year is that the Gainsborough Academy needs stability and continuity of leadership so that the transformation that is ongoing can continue.

“We remain totally committed to sponsoring the Academy until an even stronger sponsor can be found; that new sponsor needs to be much more than simply a different sponsor, but one who can take the Academy to the next level.”

West Lindsey District Council is working closely with LCAT over its proposal to seek a new sponsor for the Academy.