Fundraisier launched after Notts dog contracts Alabama Rot

Frankie, a five-year-old Wheaton terrier, was thought to have contracted the life threatening canine disease after she suddenly became poorly following a walk in Sherwood Forest.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 3:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 6:04 am

Her owner, Tracy Robb, noticed her pup had began shaking and that her temperature had dropped in the days following the walk.

The vets believe Frankie to have contracted Alabama Rot after sores had been found on her body and she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Only one case of Alabama Rot had previously been spotted in Nottinghamshire.

Frankie’s pet insurance only covered the first 48 hours of treatments, with her owners having to pay an additional £12,000 so far to continue the medical care.

Tracy has since started a fundrasier to help treat dogs like Frankie who contract from Alabama Rot.

She aims to raise around £50,000 through her Go Fund Me campaign.

Tracy Robb, of Edwinstone, spoke about her campaign.

She said: “The illness is so cruel we need to do what we can to find effective treatment.

“Even if Frankie doesn’t make it I intend to carry on raising money so other dogs can have a chance at survival too.”

Alabama Rot was first spotted in the UK in 2012 where there have since been 177 fatalities recorded as a result.

Most dogs suspected of having Alabama Rot are dead within 24-48 hours.

The disease is identifiable through symptoms of; skin lesions, sores and kidney failure.

It is only diagnosable through a post-mortem examination.

The London Royal Veterinary estimate that 60 per-cent of all cases occur in the first three months of the year.

They also estimate that treatment for the disease is only successful in around 20-30 per-cent of all cases.

Tracy later gave an update on Frankie’s condition, where she said: “She’s still with us and showing signs of improving but we don’t know if she is going to make a full recovery or not.

“But there are absolutely no guarantees.”