Fracking ‘one step closer’ to Worksop

Fracking fears have been sparked after licences to carry out ‘shale gas and oil exploration’ in northern parts of Worksop were awarded to Swiss company INEOS this week.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 20th August 2015, 11:14 am

The Department of Energy and Climate Change awarded INEOS three Petroleum Exploration and Development licenses on Tuesday August 18.

The licences cover areas of land across Notts and South Yorks equating to 250 km squared, and includes northern parts of Worksop such a Rhodesia and Shireoaks.

MP for Bassetlaw John Mann, who has opposed the plans due to the fact that the drilling will take place close to resedential areas, said: “INEOS have yet to identify the precise location of the drilling sits.

“But I’m repeating my call that I‘ve already made in Parliament that there should be no fracking at all within 2km of a village or town which was sadly blocked by the Government.

“What is essential is that local people must have a say on any planning applications that come forward and I will be able to assist any Bassetlaw residents who are affected by this”.

Bassetlaw spokesman for the Green Party, Kris Wragg, said: “We’ve been campaigning against plans that could lead to fracking in Misson for some time and it’s disapppointing that Worksop has become one step closer to fracking as well.

“There have been horror stories reported from countries where fracking is currently taking place, like the USA, such as reports of contimaniated water and other environmental issues.”

But the CEO of INEOS, Gary Haywood, insisted that shale gas oil exploration would ‘benefit’ the area due to a six per cent share of revenue, four per cent of which would go to home and landowners.

He added: “Shale gas is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the UK cannot afford to miss.

“North Sea oil created great wealth for the UK and Shale gas can do the same.

“It will help secure manufacturing, deliver investment and create thousands of jobs, provide us with greater energy security, and help us to meet our climate change obligations using our own home-grown source of energy.”

A spokesperson for INEOS added that company bosses recognisesdthat shale gas extraction was a ‘controversial issue’ and that steps would be taken to engage with communities to ‘accurately convey the risks and rewards.’