Flying the flag for Manton

Judith and Robin Unitt have sold up and set up a B & B in Lanzarote.
Judith and Robin Unitt have sold up and set up a B & B in Lanzarote.
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THE minute Judith Unitt tells people she is from Manton she notices their reaction change.

“People look down their noses at you, it’s one of the gripes my children have as well, but they have all turned out well.”

“We’re not all thieves and druggies and it annoys me when people assume that.”

Despite other people’s prejudices, Judith is proof that it’s not where you come from but where you’re going that counts.

And in her case that’s Lanzarote.

Judith and husband Robin, both 45, have sold their house and are off to start a new life in the sun.

They will be running their own bed and breakfast business at a rented villa in the Playa Bastian complex on the Costa Teguise.

“It has sea views with two double rooms, and a third double with a single room attached.”

“One of the best holidays we had was in Milan when we stayed with people who just rented out two rooms and it was lovely because it felt like you were in someone’s home rather than a hotel, and that’s what we want to do.”

“It’s called Villa Mimosa and it has it’s own swimming pool.”

Judith grew up on Hardwick Road East and her mum and sisters still live in Manton. She and Robin, who is from Doncaster, have 11 children between them, ranging in age from 25 to ten.

The couple met online at the end of 2008 and were married in March last year.

“We first went to Lanzarote in January last year and both loved it straightaway.”

“We went again about four months later and thought we would like to move there, and in the last two months we have been twice again.”

“We took our mums over to have a look and see what they thought and they both fell in love with it instantly.”

The couple will fly out to Lanzarote tomorrow with Robin’s two youngest children, so they can see their dad’s new home for themselves.

They will return a week later and on Sunday 23rd January, Judith and Robin will pack up their Renault Modus and drive through France and Spain before catching the ferry to Lanzarote, where the temperature is currrently around 23C.

Judith said: “I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t wait. We’ve got everything packed and ready.”

“One of the reasons for going is the weather over there. It’s an all year round resort and the people are really friendly.”

As well as running a B&B, Judith will also be running a photography business, offering a spray tanning service and continuing with her online business selling her handmade jewellery and wool at

“When you’re used to running around after six children you’re used to being busy,” she laughed.

“I used to have a mobile beauty business in Worksop. I’ve always knitted, since I was at Manton Junior School, and a few years ago I decided to have a go at spinning my own wool.”

“I buy the fleeces, card them and then spin the wool on my spinning wheel. It’s been more of a hobby but I also make my own jewellery so I decided to try selling them online and it’s been going OK.”

Judith said: “I’ll be keeping in touch with everyone on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll be having the family out for visits.”

“If everything works out we’ll be able to buy a villa after being resident over there for two years.”

Judith can be contacted by email at