Fly tippers leave Clumber Park a mess

Fly tipping on Clumber Park
Fly tipping on Clumber Park

One regular walker thinks the state of the park is a disgrace.

Sue Benjafield, 57, walks through the woods at least once a week and said she has noticed fresh rubbish dumped there.

The cleaner from Worksop said: “I have noticed this happening more and more and it is really disgusting.

“Why do people think it is okay to dump their rubbish when we have a perfectly good tip that is free to use?

“It makes the place look unwelcoming.”

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of any type of waste on publicly owned or private land.

Information on Bassetlaw District Council website said: “It costs the Council around £100,000 a year to clear up fly tipped waste and dispose of it – a cost passed on to local taxpayers and landowners.

“Fly tipping is a serious crime which carries a fine of up to £50,000, up to five years in jail, seizure of vehicles

“The combination of recycling centres for householders to deposit waste at and a bulky waste collection service offered by the Council for a small fee means there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to fly tip.”

The rubbish in Clumber Park looks to be mostly domestic waste and Sue would like something to be done to try and combat the problem.

She added: “People need to report it when they see it and it would be great if there were more patrols to try and act as a deterrent.”

Householders are now required to check that anyone they allow to remove their waste is authorised to do so. Contact the Environment Agency on 08708 506506 and ask for a waste carriers check.