Fire service warning after a series of traffic accidents

A series of road traffic collisions over the weekend involving drivers from the Mansfield and Warsop area has prompted firefighters to issue a warning over careful driving.

Tuesday, 28th July 2015, 9:01 am
Fire Service.Generic Fire engine and Fire service officers for Scarborough.Picture Richard Ponter 132217f

Motorists had to be cut free from wreckages on Saturday and Sunday.

Crews from Mansfield, Edwinstowe and Warsop - with assistance from a specialist rescue team from Tuxford - extricated two casualties from overturned vehicles after a collision involving a car and a van on Peafield Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse on Saturday.

The next day, firefighters were back on Peafield Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse after a tree fell onto a car. Crews from Mansfield, Edwinstowe and the rescue team from Tuxford rescued a woman from the vehicle.

Meanwhile, there were accidents at Oxton, Gotham and Sneinton also left drivers trapped in their vehicles.

“Cars provide people with a great deal of freedom, and this is especially so at this time of year when people are going off on holiday,” said station manager Matt Reavill, the service’s lead on road safety.

“Unfortunately, the alarming number of incidents over this last weekend shows just how many road traffic collisions are occurring across the county.

“Sadly, a large number of collisions that we attend are avoidable and attributed to driver error - most of them are down to distraction and lack of concentration in particular.

“Being injured or worse, having to pay expensive repair bills and having your insurance premiums increase dramatically can all put a big dent in those holiday plans you have been making all year.

“All we ask is that people drive carefully and follow our basic advice so that they can enjoy their holidays,” he added.