Fire service issues frozen pipe advice

WORKSOP firefighters are urging residents to check their stop tap is not frozen after several homes have flooded.

Crews have been called to three bungalows following reports of flooding on Wednesday 22nd December.

Firefighters have found that pipes have frozen in loft space but once the weather has warmed up a bit the pipes have burst and flooded homes.

They are now wanting to prevent further floods.

A spokesman said: “The pipes have been freezing in the loft and then thawing after it got a bit warmer.”

“We’ve been walking into homes and it is like it is raining.”

“The homes we have been to we have been unable to turn off the stopcocks because they were frozen and on several occasions they have snapped off and we have had to go onto the street to turn the water off.”

“People should turn their stop tap off and then on again to check it is working and isn’t stuck.”