Fines for alcohol related festive disorder

FIXED penalty notices will be handed to people who seem to be under the influence of alcohol and could be involved in disorder.

Friday, 16th December 2011, 2:22 pm

South Yorkshire Police hope the fines will help promote a sensible drinking culture and create a safe place for people to socialise this Christmas.

The receiver of the fixed penalty notice can either pay the £80 fine or attend two sessions where they will discuss the consequences of alcohol misuse.

If these sessions are completed, the £80 fine will be wavered.

Chief Inspector Shaun Morley of South Yorkshire Police said: “A fixed penalty notice is a way for an officer to defuse a situation by not criminalising an individual for what can be seen as ‘silly’ drunken behaviour. This will therefore, potentially stop any incidents developing.”

“Being under the influence of alcohol can make you vulnerable. Vulnerable in the fact you can become a victim of crime or in some cases break the law and become an offender. Fixed penalty notices can prevent anyone getting to this stage.”